Snow Day 2011! Yes yall, it hit the Windy City!

Amidst the numerous warnings signs and the weather forecast for this week about the upcoming blizzard, I'm sure no one in Chicago expected the weather to be this drastic, let alone this much, yikes!!!

But upon waking up this morning around 9:30am, the severity of what had been mentioned on CNN, WGN, & all other "important" somewhat reliable news stations, the truth had been revealed. A SNOW STORM had indeed hit Chicago with no remorse :( Unable to open my front door, the realization had set in that we were indeed going to either be stuck in the house all day, [which I had no problem with seeing as there is work for me to do], or that Chicago residents would have to brave the mountainous heap of snow and shovel it ourselves. I opted for the first option, but popz made it clear that the second was his preference. And judging from the looks of my face in this pic.....

one can tell I wasn't ready to go outside yet, or let alone, go outside to shovel snow. Even my shoes didn't want to go outside, not together anyway.... (Ha!)

However, after 4 hours of what I called torture, our back and front had become somewhat clear and where there once was a walkway, just 2 days ago, we were now able to see it.... Hope you all enjoyed your snow day! Now after being done, I'm going to attempt to do what I should have started in the 4 hours I will never get back....

But at least pics were taken :)

Before we started....

The front of my house

Our block!

Big Sis & Dad getting to work on the shovels...

Baby Sis just wanted to be cute

We were both getting tired....

Had to get the job done though

This is where Big Sis' randomness emerged

I started ignoring her at this point

End of the SnowDay clean-up.... 4 hours in the cold :(

Thanks alot Chicago weather! And a special s/o goes to the City of Chicago for not coming by to clean the roads....Yall did wonderful :)

God bless,


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