Dress for where you're going....?!

This morning I had a lunch date with a girlfriend of mine at one of our favorite places, Panera Bread. It had been a while since we had actually seen each other, but thank God for a day off! S/o to President's Day.

I arrived there around 11:30am this morning and a lady by the name of Sarah (no need for last names), walked up to me and starting talking to me randomly out of no-where. Her first comment, before she even formally introduced herself was "O my gosh, I was just headed out the door until I saw you come in. You look gorgeous and very well put together". So I smiled and replied "thankyou". In my mind, I was thinking who is this lady walking towards me but she proceeded to continue, still not having told me her name.

She then goes on to say that she used to work in Fashion and now works with Mary Kay and is interested in hiring another Director, and wants to have lunch tomorrow. She asked if I had a business card and upon reaching for it, she places hers in my hand. I handed her mine and she was ecstatic as she kept saying, we just have to do lunch, I'll call you tomorrow. I replied,  "...sure, I'll be expecting your call".

Now knowing that Panera Bread is one of my favorite places to go, I am usually never "dressed up" as she considered me today, but always presentable. However, it referred me back to the common phrase "dress for where you're going". In some instances, this statement may very well be applicable, but not today. Had I dressed as though I were going to Panera, she probably would never have approached me....yet instead, I dressed for where I would like to go in life....

My thoughts? My phrase is more applicable to most situations..... :).

The simple look that got me noticed by Mary's Kay representative

God bless....


N'na the Goodhealthdiva February 23, 2011 at 3:00 PM  

Hello sister,
thanks for that post, I rarely dress down in public and at home, my neighbors always ask me where I am going when they see me at the house because even at home I don't dress 'down'. We take it lightly sometime but our appearance is always read by people and your encounter is just proof of that.
Anyway I just found your blog and just had to leave a comment. I live in the US but we are from the same continents, I grew up in Cote d'Ivoire and one of my best friend actually lives in Abuja and I am a daughter of the Most High and going natural (smiles) I will join your blog as soon as I am done commenting! You know I love Nigerian worship so much that I even have a video of Lara George on my blog and pray on a conference call twice a day 6 days a week with a Nigerian ministry in Chicago.

N'na the Goodhealthdiva February 23, 2011 at 3:13 PM  

this is a message more than it is a comment. I would love to be in touch with you, I am from Cote d'Ivoire but haven't been there since 1997. You are the first blogger from West africa I come across and we share a relationship with the Most HIgh God.I would so love for us to be in touch and be friends!

please please please e-mail me goodhealthdiva@gmail.com
I am a new follower of your blog
you can follow mine as well www.goodhealthdiva.blogspot.com
Look fwd to hearing from you.

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