Back from sabbatical

Guess who's back!!!!

In light of my recent travel adventures, and feeling overwhelmed with work and other daily adventures, my blog has taken a hit :(. But I'd like to thank you all for remaining "followers" and for those who have recently joined, it's all appreciated.

I recently went to Los Angeles California for the Lyricist Lounge 4 event and I have to say that it was well worth the trip. God definitely showed up last Saturday, January 22. Over 1,000 people attended the event and more than 30+ people dedicated their lives to Christ. What a presence that filled the room that evening. It was truly surreal.

A week later, and I still feel as though the effects of jetlag are taking over, but thank God for strength in times of weakness. While I was in Cali, there were a few things I enjoyed and a few things I saw that I wanted to do more of.

1. I definitely enjoyed fellowship with other believers in the faith, it was truly a privilege and an honor to worship with the P4CM family! (S/O to the Davis fam)

2. I enjoyed traveling with the Chicago fam also, God definitely has a way of revealing Himself to you through others and looking back at the events of last week, I can now appreciate growth in some areas.

3. I definitely enjoyed traveling!!!! Although I've traveled about 3 times already this year, this was my second visit to Cali, a region miles away from my home city of Chicago. I was reminded that there is life outside of Chicago as well as varying cultures, disparities and hearts that yearn for Jesus. So in honor of my recent travels, I look forward to many more out of town visits this year, God willing! Mainly for the witnessing of the Gospel, but leisure wouldn't hurt :)

With that said, I'm going back to dwelling in the secret place of rest as I was reminded of the message that was preached last Sunday at the P4CM service.

C. Davis, Thank you for your message on Sunday...God's sovereignty is truly a place to find refuge.

Enjoy some pics.....

First Night @Roscoe's Chicken & Waffles (minus Tanikia)

The ladies (minus De'ja)

They say I was always on my phone....

Childhood memories....

The fellas
The ladies......

She is just too cute...and gifted. I look forward to seeing her serve her generation.

God bless,

Random Fun Times!

I think I spent way too much time this weekend with "Nikki" from Nikkiandthecity and it's gonna continue this Friday as we head to LA for P4CM's Lyricist Lounge! So I guess we got started early on the pics...

Here are a few from yesterday:

She's loving her natural coils

Vloggers who rock naturalhair!

I thought I was cute...

She thought she was also...

Fun times! See ya Friday!
Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend and is enjoying today's holiday.


In honor of Dr. King

He had a dream.... He had a vision! He led a march....

His name is Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. 

With much respect and homage to you Dr. King, your dream shall be fulfilled.

May your vision never die!

 God bless,

Giveaway Time!

It's NOW 11:59pm, THE GIVEAWAY IS OFFICIALLY CLOSED! Winner will be announced Friday, 2/4/2011

Okay folks! Time for a giveaway!

The Rules are simple!

1. You MUST follow me here on my blog.
2. You must live in the US (Sorry, not open internationally this time)
3. You must leave a comment
                      Giveaway is comment specific- "What is your favorite book in the Bible and why?"

4. Want an extra entry?

***FOLLOW me on Twitter, link to the right of the blog or SUBSCRIBE to me on YT. If you do both, that's 3 entries all together***
-If you end up following on Twitter or subscribing to my YT channel, let me know the name you are using.

Sound good?! Great! Giveaway begins now!!!!

O wait, what are the prizes: :-)
2 winners will receive (1) $25 gift card to Express & the other, (1) $25 gift card to Best Buy. Winner #1 gets first pick on which gift card they prefer.

Ends 11:59PM, January 31, 2011 CST!
Winners will be announced, Friday, February 04, 2011 using

God bless you!

Lyricist Lounge 4




In honor of 2010, I've decided to do a giveaway....

God showed up for me in ways that left me speechless showing His sovereignty and His true strength, along with His supernatural favor. In the midst of praising Him with words of thanksgiving, I'd like to have a giveaway to show my appreciation!

So....stay tuned, next week, it's on!

God bless,

A NEW YEAR, a brand new start!

Yay! It's 2011!

Happy New Year to everyone!!!!!

Did some self reflection over the past year and I can truly say that I welcome this new year with open arms believing for even greater manifestations of God's favor. 2010 showed me more than I bargained for and I'm excited to see what this year will bring forth.

Many people have resolutions, but I have goals that I intend to meet this year, as some were met in 2010. Let the cycle continue. But in order to do that, I need to focus on ME FIRST! My caring heart has always allowed me to put others first, but in this year, it will be all about me, AFTER GOD OF COURSE :). No 'friend', 'career', 'family member' or anything/anyone else will stop me in this year....

My life will breathe the blessing....

So, as I declare this year, 2011: The Year of the Lord, I also say that in this year:

1. Excuses will be dismissed..... They're old, we've heard them all, broken records sound better....get over yourself, you're not that important if you have to remind yourself. 

2. The term "I'm busy" will not even be recognized....even God rested on the 7th day....
                       tell me what you're doing & why you're so busy.

3. Those that have considered others options will not even be considered a priority;
                -people truly make time for what they want to make time for... what a sad reality?!
                          (May God forgive every person that has neglected people who care about them)

4. I will shine greater than ever out for me, Beloved Osaruchi will be known!
5. The overflow will continue and the supernatural wealth transfer will flow into the hands of God's people....your eyes shall not fail you, you will be alive to see it.

Happy New Year once again! May this year bring you the closest embrace of success and may you find the true treasure you seek in the love of Jesus Christ.

God bless,


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