Forever in Our Hearts.....


Jan 26, 2008, I can still remember the day......
At the time, I was on the South side of Chicago in someone's home when I received the bad news.... I was oblivious to the fact that something had really happened because the person on the other end of the line was very calm when delivering the news. I guess that was for my sake. She proceeded to tell me what happened, informing me that upon his roommate's arrival back to the dorm room from his class, Ebuka was found not breathing. He was rushed to the emergency room.....and then he was pronounced "dead".... as the doctors then gave the time of death.

In my heart, all I could do was cry which was hard enough since I had to drive back home in unbecoming situations, but what I struggled with most was how I'd inform my younger sister. Up until me arriving back to the house, no one had called her, which I thought was strange, but thankfully, at that time, they hadn't. If the pains of watching death through life were to be ever witnessed, I'd never wish death upon even the worst of enemies. It mourned me to see her mourn, yet only God's surgery could cure her open wounds.... But today, I thank God for His healing hand. That was the first time I had ever buried life....

3 years later and Bucca Mane is merely a memory to some, but to others, Ebuka's life is a joyous celebration lived 365 days of the year... There are those that touch your hearts that a smile that displays 32 perfect teeth but then there are 'Ebukas' who mark your lives with more than the captions of a photograph.

Bucca Mane, we love and miss you, but I thank God because your life has never been one lived in vain. If I could be thankful to Jesus for creating and sculpting His masterpiece in the form of your spirit, I'd never stop praising Him. The day in Philly 2001 marked me in a special way, and if I knew I'd never see you again after the ATL conference, I'd have hugged you just one more time...But Jesus is coming back and when He does, His saints will join with the angels in worshipping Him and we'll forever be reunited.

Big Sis will never forget peacefully!

Ebuka "Bucca Mane" Obiekwe
December 17, 1986-January 26, 2008

Be blessed,


KinkyCurly December 17, 2010 at 5:55 AM  

This is lovely.

Miss and love you Buk....

Kimberly Michelle December 19, 2010 at 9:44 PM  

Sorry for your loss. Glad he could leave such a positive long-lasting memory in your heart as well as in the lives of many others, I'm sure.

BelovedOsaruchi December 19, 2010 at 10:06 PM  

Thanks for your comments ladies....

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