American History X

 Have you ever seen this movie?

Peep the caption!

              Now I know this is Black History Month, but I remember the first time I saw this movie back in higshchool as a requirement for Law class....Tears ran down effortlessly as my young eyes witnessed hate through the artwork of film. For weeks I went by looking at white people with the notion that hatred resided in their bones and that I was just a target in way of totalitarianism. Hate began to rise up on the inside of me and no words of comfort could ease the pain. I began feeling to subjected to a society where an iron fist held down mainstream America in light that whites would soon take over and blacks would be extinct.

Years later, I can now look back on the moment of sorrow and exclaim what the love of God would do to a man's heart if you would submit your will to His. My eyes have been opened and I now see that LOVE truly covers a multitude of sins.

Now that movie will make you cry inwardly and will open your eyes to a world of hatred if you’re not ready to let the past be in the past, but God's love is greater than any man-written manuscript.

Let love dictate your future story and let hatred be in remembrance of your past.

God Bless,


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