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In reading some of my old pieces, I stumbled across this intro that I had written a while ago that has somehow become familiar to those around me as they've featured it on their websites, and various other sites.... Now by no means do I consider myself a "writer" or "poetic", but I have a deep love for both.

At the time, I considered it one of my best and till this day, I am still proud of it. So check it out and let me know your thoughts....

An epidemic phenomenon, upbeat grooves, the power of a voice, the joy of rhythms, the movement to lyrics, the importance of words, the sound of music…. Discerned with the chirping of birds, the beeping of horns, the banging of drums, the voice of slaves, before the minute were the majority, before the race became a people, music has remained on the scene since humanity emerged. Over the decades, music has embraced and captivated the scene like an indispensable drug with no cure for the mainstream. Today, music not only has engrossed our society, it now saturates the mass population. From what we hear to the vision it embarks, the importance of words pierces the heart of a nation. What defines your voice?

SN: I went to Target today and FINALLY got the Kinky Curly KNOT TODAY! Now alot of naturals have made reference to this product as being heaven sent, so hopefully it lives up to its remarks.

God bless,



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