No Compromise

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So what I've come to realize after having a conversation with a friend yesterday, is that those that are closest to you are the ones that you have to be most concerned with. I say this in terms of them wanting to bring you down to operate on the same level that they are on, one that leaves them in a state of complacency. No matter where you look or how close you think you are with someone, if they see you progressing because of the fact that you have renewed your mind and have come to the realization that you want more in life, they will make it their active duty to keep you in an idle position.

And this I say, pertaining more to the Christians! O yes, HOLLER, we're Jesus lovers and we're not going anywhere, so if you don't like it, your loss. And I don't feel bad about saying it, there's a time when Jesus must become real to you. The end times are near and I cannot afford to be associated with people whose mindset still operates in the realm of the world. It saddens me when people think that you've made the wrong decision by following Christ, but rather than judge them, place yourselves in their position and remember that you've been there, and know that if someone had not been praying for you, you'd probably still be there.

So to those folks out there who have detached themselves from me or others around because of making the decision to choose life over death, I'm praying for you. One day your eyes will be opened and you will come to accept and embrace the free gift of salvation, and there shall be no condemnation unto you. But for the sake of friendship to continue, know that there is no compromise. Gone are the days where believers feel bad for going to church, or prayer revivals or praying in tongues because of what others may say. When the time comes for me to depart from this earth and enter the gates of heaven, I'm sure you will not be there to defend me and the choices I've made, and God will not hold me guiltless..... So if you're on the Jesus bandwagon full force, jump on, if not, then get saved or get left. My eternity will not be spent in the lake of fire, ignorance is no excuse for suicide.

God bless,


Nikki and The City November 5, 2010 at 9:10 PM  


LaToya November 15, 2010 at 9:15 AM  

God bless you for putting this out there so plainly. You are right, the end is near and compromise is just not an option. We just have to remember to pray for those who don't know Christ as their personal savior. Have a great day!

BelovedOsaruchi November 15, 2010 at 5:02 PM  

@LaToya, yes! Let's keep praying for them....Soon they shall see...

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