Is marriage good for your health?

Came across this article and thought I'd share.... Let me know your thoughts

In 1858, a British epidemiologist named William Farr set out to study what he called the “conjugal condition” of the people of France. He divided the adult population into three distinct categories: the “married,” consisting of husbands and wives; the “celibate,” defined as the bachelors and spinsters who had never married; and finally the “widowed,” those who had experienced the death of a spouse. Using birth, death and marriage records, Farr analyzed the relative mortality rates of the three groups at various ages. The work, a groundbreaking study that helped establish the field of medical statistics, showed that the unmarried died from disease “in undue proportion” to their married counterparts. And the widowed, Farr found, fared worst of all.

Farr’s was among the first scholarly works to suggest that there is a health advantage to marriage and to identify marital loss as a significant risk factor for poor health. Married people, the data seemed to show, lived longer, healthier lives. “Marriage is a healthy estate,” Farr concluded. “The single individual is more likely to be wrecked on his voyage than the lives joined together in matrimony.”

While Farr’s own study is no longer relevant to the social realities of today’s world — his three categories exclude couples living together, gay couples and the divorced, for instance — his overarching finding about the health benefits of marriage seems to have stood the test of time. Critics, of course, have rightly cautioned about the risk of conflating correlation with causation. (Better health among the married sometimes simply reflects the fact that healthy people are more likely to get married in the first place.) But in the 150 years since Farr’s work, scientists have continued to document the “marriage advantage”: the fact that married people, on average, appear to be healthier and live longer than unmarried people.

For the rest of the article, click here.


Spoken Word

This vid goes so hard!

Be blessed,


Congrats Ms......


Please send me your name & shipping address to so that I can ship your Paul Mitchell items out! YIPPEE

And also, while getting rid of some products, I noticed I had 2 full bottles of VO5 shampoo bottles (Kiwi Lime & Passion Fruit Smoothie) that I don't use nor will I be using, so yay for you, I'll be shipping that also.

Congrats again!

You have until Wed, Aug 31, 11:59p CST to send me your info or another winner will be selected.



Here are some crochet flowers that I've made in the past, cute styling accessories.

Like one? Ask me how one can be yours?


M.A.C. Giveaway!

Check out "Nikki and The City" for your chance to win MAC's new lipstick "Cunning"

You can thank me later if you're that lucky someone!


Giveaway ended!

The giveaway has officially ended, thanks for all the entries guys!

Winner will be announced on Monday.........


You guys are the best!

Yay....So I've reached 60 followers today!

Thanks to all my followers and subbies, you guys rock! When I get to 100, another giveaway will be well on its way!

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So many colors......

Row 1:
#1-7 (Orange, Marigold, Autumn Print, Gold, Black, Grey Blue, Sunshine)

Row 2
#8-15 (White, Off-white, Maroon, Rouge, Silk Orange, Vanna's Blue, Vanna's Purple)

Row 3
#16-26 (Brown, Bone, Country Blue, Dark Country Blue, Berry Blue, Turquoise, Green, Baby Yellow, Light Grey, Dark Grey, Navy Blue)



Paul Mitchell giveaway.....

Tried hair didn't really like it. It actually gave off more of a burning sensation not really a tingling one, but my scalp may just be sensitive, as I'm not really a tea tree lover. But if you have an itchy/dry scalp, this may be the product for you. So rather than throw it away, I'm gonna just give it away.

Note that it has been used about 3 or 4x so rather than receiving 1L (33.8fl oz), you'd receive about 28 fl oz....

If you're interested, leave a comment below, saying "Enter me".....


Open until Friday, Aug 27, 11:59 CST, winner randomly chosen with
1. Open to US, Canada and UK residents
2. ****Must be a follower of my blog****
3. Must be 18 years or older



So..... I'm almost at 50 subbies, and I was gonna wait til I got to 100, (which I still might), but in the meantime, I'm thinking of doing a giveaway.

So you'll have to keep your eyes posted on my page and wait to see what happens within the next couple of days :)

For starters, you have to be a follower!


T Haddy- "This is how we praise"

Currently on repeat since last night.....



Late Birthday Gift :)

Title speaks for itself....

I've shot with both of these, but sometimes sharing a camera doesn't have its perks....and I'm ready to take me and photography to the next level, so who wants to be the first to sow a seed towards getting my my camera?! :)

Preferably the Nikon D300!

Don't be shy!!!!


Lavender Mango Whip Review

Last week, I received my order from Safi Hair Care's line, a company started by Alex of "The Good Hair Blog", and here are my thoughts....

First, she's very efficient in time delivery and the 4oz bottles are so cute, aren't they! Kudos to her for that :)

As for the product, after trying her Curl Clouds, I had high hopes for this product but was slightly disappointed in this one. I knew the lavender in it would turn me off but I opted to get it because it had mango so I was still wishing for a mango smell of some sort, but the lavender scent was just way too overpowering, so the smell was a no-go.

As for the product in itself, it sadly left my hair slightly dry, which could be from the fact that I forgot to apply my leave-in or the fact that it contains tea tree oil. I did a twistout on freshly washed hair yesterday and applied this as the only product because it contains all of what I use to seal and moisture my hair, ie, castor oil, aloe vera, and shea butter...but something in there just left my hair dry :(.

I did however re-wet it last night with my veggie glycerin, water, and leave in conditioner mist so we'll see how the results turn out today.... Hopefully it's just cause I didn't use a leave-in cause I loved the Curl Clouds so I want to love this as well... I think I'll contact her to make sure I used it correctly, but since I used it as a sealant, I don't see where I went wrong.... I'll give it another go tho come wash day.

But if you haven't, check her out! She's still a fab chica :)

Be blessed,

2010 Hair Update

Since Dec' 2009, I haven't blowdried or straightened my hair..... I had started a challenge to see if I could go without heat for a year since I used to straighten my hair at least 1x a week prior to correct knowledge of taking care of my natural hair.

But come this December, I will be blowdrying and straigtening my hair, mainly for a trim and to see length progression. But so far, so good.

My 1st goal was to: Successfully transiton from relaxed to natural hair.


My 2nd goal is: To maintain healthy hair while retaining length.

And it looks like I'm on the right track =)

Be blessed,


Hair progress in 2009
Still growing...... :)

Pic: February 2009

Pic: March 2009

Pics: October 2009, December 2009



Here's my hair progress in the year 2008!

Hasn't it grown?! :)

Pics: Jan 2008, April 2008

Pics: August 2008, Sept 2008

Pic: December 2008

As you can see, I rarely ever wore my hair in it's natural state, most of these pics are when I was still transitioning so I always wore it straight.....


Lavender Mango Whip

Hopefully by now, you've heard of "The Good Hair Blog", if not, please check it out. Blog owner Alex and the blog itself are just the absolute cutest. She also makes handmade hair products from her hair line, Safi Hair Care, one of which I've already sampled, Curl Clouds and I absolutely love it....

More are now in stock so can't wait to repurchase....but before I do, I just ordered the Lavender Mango Whip and can't wait to try it out. I'm not really a Lavender fan, but me and Mango are the best of buddies, so all is well....

Will review product after receiving :)

Check out her blog or her Etsy shop to order yours!

Be blessed,


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