Spade's Puppy Deliveries

So....this past weekend, my sister's pit bull delivered her puppies! Beginning at 8:30pm, Friday, 10/22 and ending around 12:30am, Saturday 10/23, she gave birth to 9 puppies!!!!! Whoo-hoo!

Sad to say though that last night one of the puppies died due to the fact that she was just way too small. She was a twin that was attached to her bro's umbilical cord, but unfortunately, she was too weak to live. Spade comforted her and separated her from the rest of her puppies to care and nurture for her, but she didn't make it :(

There are still 8 who are alive and well, kicking and upbeat! And they're for sale!!!

So yea, that's all, hope everyone enjoyed their weekend....

Here's a video of the first birth if you're interested in seeing it, it resembles human birth soooo much, but if you'd rather not view it, that's fine also....or if it grosses you out, um...sorry :(. 

God bless,


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