Dress for where you're going....?!

This morning I had a lunch date with a girlfriend of mine at one of our favorite places, Panera Bread. It had been a while since we had actually seen each other, but thank God for a day off! S/o to President's Day.

I arrived there around 11:30am this morning and a lady by the name of Sarah (no need for last names), walked up to me and starting talking to me randomly out of no-where. Her first comment, before she even formally introduced herself was "O my gosh, I was just headed out the door until I saw you come in. You look gorgeous and very well put together". So I smiled and replied "thankyou". In my mind, I was thinking who is this lady walking towards me but she proceeded to continue, still not having told me her name.

She then goes on to say that she used to work in Fashion and now works with Mary Kay and is interested in hiring another Director, and wants to have lunch tomorrow. She asked if I had a business card and upon reaching for it, she places hers in my hand. I handed her mine and she was ecstatic as she kept saying, we just have to do lunch, I'll call you tomorrow. I replied,  "...sure, I'll be expecting your call".

Now knowing that Panera Bread is one of my favorite places to go, I am usually never "dressed up" as she considered me today, but always presentable. However, it referred me back to the common phrase "dress for where you're going". In some instances, this statement may very well be applicable, but not today. Had I dressed as though I were going to Panera, she probably would never have approached me....yet instead, I dressed for where I would like to go in life....

My thoughts? My phrase is more applicable to most situations..... :).

The simple look that got me noticed by Mary's Kay representative

God bless....

Passport Ready?!

I've been privileged to journey to different places at least 3x this year and I can only hope that the opportunities continue to come. It's made me want to become a world traveler and possibly travel to different places and live in different countries for at least 3 months at a time.

I absolutely love different cultures!

Some of the places I've been include:

Kansas City, MO for the IHOP Conference (Dec 2010-Jan 2011)

Spingfield, IL for the Governor Inauguration (

Los Angeles, CA for P4CM's Lyricist Lounge

Some places I already have planned include:

Houston, TX for TSIM
New York!!!!!
And some places I'd love to visit:

Valencia, Spain

Port Harcourt, NIGERIA! (Back to the homeland for the 2nd time)

By God's grace, all future trips will come to pass and the places I anticipate going will be made available. I really want to go to Spain and live there for about 3 months and embrace its culture, learn  even more of its language and eat as much of its authentic food as possible. Lord willing, it will happen :)

God bless you all,

A few pics!

The pics are finally up....
It's been about a week, and the pics are finally here....

Here are some pics from Valentines Weekend!

Hope you all are enjoying your Sunday!

God Bless,

Natural Hair Inspirations

I was recently looking at some online photos for some style inspirations for the upcoming summer and ran across these two photos.

I absolutely love its fullness and her color



Now although I am very unlikely to color my hair or wear this style pictured above, it does give motivation for growth and ideas for some new styles!

I'm looking forward to the warmer weather so I can play with my hair more and not have to keep it in these protective styles.

God Bless

American History X

 Have you ever seen this movie?

Peep the caption!

              Now I know this is Black History Month, but I remember the first time I saw this movie back in higshchool as a requirement for Law class....Tears ran down effortlessly as my young eyes witnessed hate through the artwork of film. For weeks I went by looking at white people with the notion that hatred resided in their bones and that I was just a target in way of totalitarianism. Hate began to rise up on the inside of me and no words of comfort could ease the pain. I began feeling to subjected to a society where an iron fist held down mainstream America in light that whites would soon take over and blacks would be extinct.

Years later, I can now look back on the moment of sorrow and exclaim what the love of God would do to a man's heart if you would submit your will to His. My eyes have been opened and I now see that LOVE truly covers a multitude of sins.

Now that movie will make you cry inwardly and will open your eyes to a world of hatred if you’re not ready to let the past be in the past, but God's love is greater than any man-written manuscript.

Let love dictate your future story and let hatred be in remembrance of your past.

God Bless,

Natural Hair Growth

2011 HAIR UPDATE!!!!!

Last year, I went on a 1 YEAR NO HEAT challenge. I said that in Dec 2010 (my one year mark) that I would straighten my hair to see my length.... However I didn't! I got so used to no heat that I just decided to blowdry it and wear it in flat twists....

So here are a few pics....peep the growth :)

But if a woman has long hair, it is her ornament and glory? For her hair is given to her for a covering.
[1 Corinthians 11:15]

January 2011

January 2011

Flat Twist Out January 2011

Flat Twist Out January 2011


Pics: February 2009, March 2009, December 2009

God Bless,

Winner Announced

Hey Ladies.... and gents! 
I apologize for the lateness of this email, I am just now making it back into the house. Long day, but we thank God! 

Gonna make this a quick post and get straight to the point!
The winners of the What's Your favorite book in the Bible giveaway and why?! are:

                                                     JenellyBean & Liz

I will contact both winners at the email addresses provided! JenellyBean, since your name was selected first, you get the option of choosing which gift card you would prefer. Liz will then get the other :)

Thanks to all who participated! And look out for giveaways in the near future!

God bless you all!

Valentine's Day!

Valentine's Day!

It's that time of the year again...or rather that time of the month!
Yep Yep, the love month as most know it....February! (woot woot)

But I, we, those in the faith of our Father know that the TRUE LOVE month is every month, every day, every second when you're fully surrendered and devoted to a Savior who took on the wrath of humanity, bore your sicknesses, diseases, and all of man's condemned wrath so that you could live the life! A life that flows with milk and honey with eyes fixated on Heaven's throne knowing one day you shall come face to face with your Maker!

Now That's true love!!!! That's Real Love! 

And Kingsword International Church Chicago is back at it! That's right! Come February 13, 2011 @6:00pm, REAL LOVE will be held at The Lighthouse! 

If you've come in the past, you definitely cannot afford to miss it this year, so free your calendars, get your outfits, buy your tickets and show, not in that order, but it actually does work, yay!

NMT Multimedia, Heralds of Praise and most importantly, the presence of The Most High will be in the building. 

Looking forward to seeing you there! 

God bless,

Snow Day 2011! Yes yall, it hit the Windy City!

Amidst the numerous warnings signs and the weather forecast for this week about the upcoming blizzard, I'm sure no one in Chicago expected the weather to be this drastic, let alone this much, yikes!!!

But upon waking up this morning around 9:30am, the severity of what had been mentioned on CNN, WGN, & all other "important" somewhat reliable news stations, the truth had been revealed. A SNOW STORM had indeed hit Chicago with no remorse :( Unable to open my front door, the realization had set in that we were indeed going to either be stuck in the house all day, [which I had no problem with seeing as there is work for me to do], or that Chicago residents would have to brave the mountainous heap of snow and shovel it ourselves. I opted for the first option, but popz made it clear that the second was his preference. And judging from the looks of my face in this pic.....

one can tell I wasn't ready to go outside yet, or let alone, go outside to shovel snow. Even my shoes didn't want to go outside, not together anyway.... (Ha!)

However, after 4 hours of what I called torture, our back and front had become somewhat clear and where there once was a walkway, just 2 days ago, we were now able to see it.... Hope you all enjoyed your snow day! Now after being done, I'm going to attempt to do what I should have started in the 4 hours I will never get back....

But at least pics were taken :)

Before we started....

The front of my house

Our block!

Big Sis & Dad getting to work on the shovels...

Baby Sis just wanted to be cute

We were both getting tired....

Had to get the job done though

This is where Big Sis' randomness emerged

I started ignoring her at this point

End of the SnowDay clean-up.... 4 hours in the cold :(

Thanks alot Chicago weather! And a special s/o goes to the City of Chicago for not coming by to clean the roads....Yall did wonderful :)

God bless,

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