Passport Ready?!

I've been privileged to journey to different places at least 3x this year and I can only hope that the opportunities continue to come. It's made me want to become a world traveler and possibly travel to different places and live in different countries for at least 3 months at a time.

I absolutely love different cultures!

Some of the places I've been include:

Kansas City, MO for the IHOP Conference (Dec 2010-Jan 2011)

Spingfield, IL for the Governor Inauguration (

Los Angeles, CA for P4CM's Lyricist Lounge

Some places I already have planned include:

Houston, TX for TSIM
New York!!!!!
And some places I'd love to visit:

Valencia, Spain

Port Harcourt, NIGERIA! (Back to the homeland for the 2nd time)

By God's grace, all future trips will come to pass and the places I anticipate going will be made available. I really want to go to Spain and live there for about 3 months and embrace its culture, learn  even more of its language and eat as much of its authentic food as possible. Lord willing, it will happen :)

God bless you all,


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