Valentine's Day!

Valentine's Day!

It's that time of the year again...or rather that time of the month!
Yep Yep, the love month as most know it....February! (woot woot)

But I, we, those in the faith of our Father know that the TRUE LOVE month is every month, every day, every second when you're fully surrendered and devoted to a Savior who took on the wrath of humanity, bore your sicknesses, diseases, and all of man's condemned wrath so that you could live the life! A life that flows with milk and honey with eyes fixated on Heaven's throne knowing one day you shall come face to face with your Maker!

Now That's true love!!!! That's Real Love! 

And Kingsword International Church Chicago is back at it! That's right! Come February 13, 2011 @6:00pm, REAL LOVE will be held at The Lighthouse! 

If you've come in the past, you definitely cannot afford to miss it this year, so free your calendars, get your outfits, buy your tickets and show, not in that order, but it actually does work, yay!

NMT Multimedia, Heralds of Praise and most importantly, the presence of The Most High will be in the building. 

Looking forward to seeing you there! 

God bless,


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