Come harder devil, my time has not come....

My dad always says "once beaten, twice shy"

Earlier this month, the devil struck! November 14th, to be exact,  I was headed to the KingsWord International Church, South Side Campus, around 6pm when I was hit by a car from behind.... 

Got out to check my car, not a scratch, not a dent, nothing! No biggie! I was good, the car was good, all was well with the world... (Low-key,  John 10:10 was in full effect, but I can't die in a car crash! Ha, the devil's mad)

Then today, he strikes again....

8:15am, I'm driving to work, made a right on 79th/Pulaski, heading South, as usual, and out of NO-WHERE, a truck hits me! FULL FORCE! Dude ran a stop sign!!!! @8:15 in the morning!!!!! The first thing I originally thought was is dude drunk? 

  Then shock hit me cause I couldn't believe that I was 
                1. hit yet again, seriously another car crash?!!?...
                2. My hands were shaking ridiculously fast, almost scared me a bit
                3. I had been hit from the right side and pain immediately went for my right side.... this was something cause earlier, it hit me in my back, but this time the impact came on the right... But I'm seated on the right side of Christ so not even a car crash can move my position. 

After all that, I tried to start the car and move out of the way of oncoming traffic, but the car wouldn't start. I then got out to take a look at the car and all I could do was thank God! Looking at the car, I truly thank God there was no passenger with me! 

I could go on and on about the details, but I'll just let God take control. All the glory goes to Him. He saved me to testify that just as death couldn't hold Him, a car accident can't take me! 

TESTIFY WITH ME! God is good!

The devil's mad! Haha, but I'm shining! 

"Paul I know, Jesus I know, Osaruchi I know, but who are you"......

God bless,


Weekend Fun!

Hey guys and ladies....

Just decided to post some pics from the weekend, (mainly of me)! It was one of the best yet, spent it taking pics of myself, (as you can see below), playing in my hair after washing it, crocheting of course, and attending the Unashamed Tour with my ACF peeps.... Hope you all had an amazing weekend! To read the re-cap of the concert, check out the article written by my chica, Omowunmi

To see pics of us at the concert, check them out on my fb.

God bless, 


No Compromise

My Thoughts:

So what I've come to realize after having a conversation with a friend yesterday, is that those that are closest to you are the ones that you have to be most concerned with. I say this in terms of them wanting to bring you down to operate on the same level that they are on, one that leaves them in a state of complacency. No matter where you look or how close you think you are with someone, if they see you progressing because of the fact that you have renewed your mind and have come to the realization that you want more in life, they will make it their active duty to keep you in an idle position.

And this I say, pertaining more to the Christians! O yes, HOLLER, we're Jesus lovers and we're not going anywhere, so if you don't like it, your loss. And I don't feel bad about saying it, there's a time when Jesus must become real to you. The end times are near and I cannot afford to be associated with people whose mindset still operates in the realm of the world. It saddens me when people think that you've made the wrong decision by following Christ, but rather than judge them, place yourselves in their position and remember that you've been there, and know that if someone had not been praying for you, you'd probably still be there.

So to those folks out there who have detached themselves from me or others around because of making the decision to choose life over death, I'm praying for you. One day your eyes will be opened and you will come to accept and embrace the free gift of salvation, and there shall be no condemnation unto you. But for the sake of friendship to continue, know that there is no compromise. Gone are the days where believers feel bad for going to church, or prayer revivals or praying in tongues because of what others may say. When the time comes for me to depart from this earth and enter the gates of heaven, I'm sure you will not be there to defend me and the choices I've made, and God will not hold me guiltless..... So if you're on the Jesus bandwagon full force, jump on, if not, then get saved or get left. My eternity will not be spent in the lake of fire, ignorance is no excuse for suicide.

God bless,

David Duni Dada in Concert.....

CHICAGO!!! You're in for a special treat!

Next Saturday, November 13, 2010 @3pm, David Duni Dada, will be at the Lighthouse to invade Chicago with Gospel music like you've never seen or heard it before. A NIGHT OF INTENSE WORSHIP! Be there as he releases his newest cd, Song of Liberty, complimentary cd's for the first 5 people so be on time.

Other guests include Psalmist Lois, JoJo, Minister Oluseun Shonukan and more.... YOU CANNOT AFFORD TO MISS IT!

And best of all, it's free! So no excuses, be there! 

Kingsword International Church
3323 W Cermak Rd
Chicago, IL 60623

♥ God bless 


My Journey through the years.....


Woke up this morning, feeling good, feeling great, then got home around 2pm or so and was sneezing horribly! Took the longest nap in history and now I'm just in a sappy, happy, fruit mode and decided to blog about the things I'm thankful for, or in this post, the people. 

I've been blessed in this lifetime to know some of the best people that God has placed in my life  and I am truly thankful for all of you. Whether good or bad, ups and downs, fall outs or not, I love you all! I felt the need to speak specifically about a few people though, so if your name isn't mentioned, it's not to say that you haven't touched my heart, it's just to say that these special people have melted my heart in a way that goes with needing to be mentioned and if you didn't know I appreciate you before, hopefully you know now :)

Disclaimer: Biological Fam Bam doesn't count so if you're reading this, don't even think to ask me why your name isn't on here :). And I'm not using real names, so if you don't know who you are by reading this, then go to your room! hehe. In no particular order:

1. To my cornbread: From diaper days ---> Indians ---> Fighting ---> to present, you've been the best chica a chic could ever ask for. You're the most outspoken, silliest, rudest chic I know, yes ruder than me, but I love you. There's no journey I would desire to take in this life without you being there with me every step of the way. From your truth, to your stares, may our friendship never die out! I look forward to days of laughing with you and reminiscing on the life that we have practically started together. Me loves ya!

2. To GK: Now, even though I give you the hardest time ever and you push me to the point of wanting to run my hands across your baby face, you still have a place in my heart. 2 years ago was all it took for me to see the love God has for me to place you in my destiny. I pray for the continuing of a love-dislike (he laughs) friendship!

3. To Eyelashes: Your baby voice makes me smile! Ha! In all seriousness, I think I've had the most up and downs with you more than anyone I know yet you just won't leave me alone. There have been days where I've wondered if a friendship with you was worth continuing, and although things are not where they used to be, I'm willing to build back to a level of love! You mean more to me than you know and the desire of my heart is to see that you have the desires of yours. (sheds tear). I truly love you from the bottom of my heart.

4. To Capturing Moments: Although I don't listen to her music, I thank Shawna for her concert back in 2005. Without it, I wouldn't have met someone shorter than me (Strikes blow, but I love ya). I see that you have my best at your heart and that means alot to me. Thank you for being someone who prays for my Boaz! May God bless you with the bone of your bone!

5. To Best Boss: How many ways can one be thankful for a big bro that calls my jacket fake fur? Ha! From stealing my mommy to showing me life through a lens, you've shown me that family doesn't have to be blood. Your're the hardest working Big Bro I've ever seen and I look forward to the day that I call you but you don't answer cause you're sleeping. O how I'll see the beauty of heaven on that day :)

6. To Nehm: I LOVE YOU! May 2008. Why didn't I speak to you sooner than then? Who knows what foolishness would have occurred had our paths been crossed sooner? I smile at the days of playing Mafia, and Jackpot! You're the younger sis who's skinnier than me, but claims she's fat. Counting down to the days of prosecution and our getaway trip. I desire to see you happy and I'm glad that you have reached that point, may he continue to make you smile. 

7. To Mindless: Gurl I'd need a book to write down the love I have for you. I can't even sugarcoat it. I'm made fruity right now cause I JUST LOVE YOU! Low-key, high key, I love ya! Quad, Union Parties, Reckless Abandonment, I love you! You're it! And you're skinny and thick all in the same boat. You're a bad chic and you're blowing up right before the world. Next time Miami calls, pack me!

8. To J/Osama- Gosh, what can I say about the both of you. J-passive, cool, calm, collected. Osama- complete opposite, lol! But together you complete the love I have for the both of you as Big Brothers. I couldn't be more blessed to know you both. I've known you both for half and nearly all of my life and I can't wait to take this world over kingdom style! O let's do it, holler!

9. To Mo$- I'm not sure if I can sum your description up either, I just don't think it's possible. Your kingdom love has pushed me to the place of soul searching and development and I just cannot imagine life without ever having met you. God used you to enrich me and I'll forever be grateful. Osaruchi Beloved (as you would say) cannot thank you enough for everything you've ever done for me! God bless you!

10. To Southside: You're a goofball! You light up my day with more laughs than are permitted! There's never a dull moment when you're around and I know that if I ever needed you for anything, you'd always be there. You're my second fav Big Bro! Ha Ha!

11. To My beautiful Fashionistas: You make courtship look sweet! Seriously! How often do you meet someone and they just love you for no reason. I have no idea why the both of you have favored me so much, but I love you both very much! Thanks for showing me the example of love from God's viewpoint. One down, one to go! Dancing Shoes are Ready!

12. To Bellwether: I know you never believe me when I say it, but I truly am grateful to have met you. You're the little, big bro I've never had, but if I could thank God for someone I've met this year that has marked me, you'd win hands down. Beverly has it in for her, but she's the most favored chic I haven't even met to be sought after by a man like you. My heart smiles when I think of your future. From your animations, to your lyrics, to your receptiveness, I cherish this newly discovered relationship. May it never die out!

13. Lastly, to My Prayer Partner: You're the most beautiful Pharmacist I've ever known! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH from the bottom of my heart sis, from the care and love you've shown me since you met me to the prayers you offered in my time of need, I'll forever be grateful....Now leave me mommy alone :)

God bless everyone in this note: May you continuously impact others lives as you have mine. And I pray that I've touched your hearts in the way you've touched mine! Much love!


Music is.....

In reading some of my old pieces, I stumbled across this intro that I had written a while ago that has somehow become familiar to those around me as they've featured it on their websites, and various other sites.... Now by no means do I consider myself a "writer" or "poetic", but I have a deep love for both.

At the time, I considered it one of my best and till this day, I am still proud of it. So check it out and let me know your thoughts....

An epidemic phenomenon, upbeat grooves, the power of a voice, the joy of rhythms, the movement to lyrics, the importance of words, the sound of music…. Discerned with the chirping of birds, the beeping of horns, the banging of drums, the voice of slaves, before the minute were the majority, before the race became a people, music has remained on the scene since humanity emerged. Over the decades, music has embraced and captivated the scene like an indispensable drug with no cure for the mainstream. Today, music not only has engrossed our society, it now saturates the mass population. From what we hear to the vision it embarks, the importance of words pierces the heart of a nation. What defines your voice?

SN: I went to Target today and FINALLY got the Kinky Curly KNOT TODAY! Now alot of naturals have made reference to this product as being heaven sent, so hopefully it lives up to its remarks.

God bless,


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