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Thank God for weekends because today was definitely a day that needed to come to an end quickly so I could enjoy some rest. 

Needless to say, what started out as a rough day ended up going quite well....in this order as I got home, the following occured:

1. I received a free pair of earrings in the mail from a giveaway contest I entered.
2. Went to church for FNL (Friday Night Live)
3. Came home and was going through my blog "follow" list to catch up on my blogs and saw that I had won an Amazon giftcard from another giveaway contest...

FAVOR ALL AROUND! So today wasn't all that bad....
Thanks Jesus :)

To add on to #2, we discussed finances, with a themed program titled, "The Vault"....Some of what was discussed was 

*Of course God first, & all else secondary. (Ps 23:1)- 
Main Point here: KNOW YOUR WORD, always, always, always have a scripture to stand on. At His Name (His Word), everything must bow!

*Make a budget.
*Have an accountability superior, one who will keep you in line when you'd rather spend more than you have.
*Establish good credit.
*Reduce the number of credit cards you own and use them only when you are certain you can pay them off.
.....And the list continues

Hope you all enjoyed your Friday!

****As a bonus, I've attached a video ministration from David's Company***

God bless!


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