No pop/Water Challenge!

Hey peeps,

So....Sept 7, 2010, I started a challenge with my Big Sis and my cousin to see if we could give up drinking pop (soda) for 30 days....Now I normally don't drink pop as much as they do, in fact, not even 1/4 of what  they drink, but prior to this challenge, I had drunk pop more than usual. So I decided to join them.....

For the first two weeks, it was strictly water! No juice, no tea, no nothing, just water....I drank about 7 bottles of water a day, o yea, I was on! Hehe.....

Then the last two weeks consisted of juice and water....In these 30 days, I was also taking the following vitamins: E, Omega 3's, B-Complex and Vitamin C. I had tried to take a mulit-vitamin but kept finding myself extremely nauseated....Still can't find one that works :( .......any suggestions are welcome.

All in all, the challenge was great, and yay for my sister & cousin! Yep, I doubted them (sad face), but I'm glad they proved me wrong....Now let's see if they can keep it up. I on the other hand, drank 1/2 cup of soda this morning around like 2am and it burned so badlyyyyyy......What a way to celebrate....Guess that was letting me know that I don't need it...and I'm listening to my body.

There are some positive changes I've noticed while doing the challenge:
1. My skin is much clearer!!!!
2. I feel better, not so tired as I used to feel.
3. I have more energy now (guess that's the B-complex).
4. And my hair looks and feel so much better!!!!! Serious!y. It's just flourishing, and I'm having less SSK's.  And! I'll be @ APL by December, when it's time for me to straighten!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YIPPEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

On another note, my sis says I look a little smaller...but she says that all the time, so eh.?.
Anywho, laterz!



Oluchi October 9, 2010 at 1:07 PM  

Hey girlie! Great post! Water is very good for the body and most people don't drink nearly enough! I wanted to make a suggestion about vitamins. A lot of multivitamins make me feel nauseated too. In fact 2 yrs ago I ended my birthday dinner early b/c I made the mistake of taking a vitamin a few hours prior. I couldn't stop throwing up! LOL. Anyway you should try One a Day Vitacraves. They aren't as complete as some of the other multivits (e.g. they don't contain iron which most young women could use) but they are better than nothing and they taste great! Plus for me, Vitacraves-->No nausea :)

BelovedOsaruchi October 9, 2010 at 6:13 PM  

Yea gurl, it's the worst....I think it's the iron in it, which is why I try to eat well before taking it but it still makes me gag. But I'm a hunt for a good multivitamin, although I don't mind taking individual least it doesn't bother me.. I'll try that tho, thanks luv.

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