Rubix Time

How many of you guys remember the rubix cube?!

Pause. Hands going up! Sounds of... "ooh ahh", now I remember!
Great, so I'm not alone....

I was doing some cleaning the other day and found my rubix cube and decided to get back to it. Now in the past, I could only do one side. It didn't matter the color, even though at first I could only do blue, haha but nonetheless, still just one side (and I learned this WAYYYY back in highschool, hmph) ... and as of now, nothing has changed, that's still the only thing I can do. But I'm coming back to it and before this year is over, I will make it a personal goal of mine to complete three sides, eh, ok, that may be reaching, BUT I'LL DEFINITELY be attempting two sides..... Besides, one side isn't hard at all, so three may not be difficult, I'm sure I can do it.

So, pray for me.... back to the cube I go!

God bless,


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