In Remembrance.....

9 years ago today, America's core was shaken by violence, strife and hatred resulting in what is commonly referred to as today's "9/11". More than 3,000 victims were laid to rest as families mourned over loved ones, while America watched in silence as it's nation began to fall... Threats turned into action, action into violence, violence into hatred, and hatred into death. One vividly saw how the devil's influence could overtake a body of people and cause an entire nation to be still.

But ten years later, America is still here, still standing, still strong. Yet even with a sense of hope, there's still a sense of longing. A longing for answers as victim mourners will never hear satisfactory answers to the question "why?", a longing for parents who will still never understand why their children lives were fatally cut short, and a longing for children who unfortunately will continue to grow up fatherless. As a result, athiests will condemn religion, Islam will consistently remain in constant attack, and questions of "where was God?" will emerge. Yet for the believing one, there is an assurity in victory and one rejoices in his salvation!

So who wins.....?! Short of being rhetorical, shrugs shoulders! Does it even really matter..... Another rhetorical question!

Regardless of 10 yrs. ago, there's still a 'today'. And for today, thank God that you're still here cause as we all know, there's a reason and a purpose for everything.

And despite the fact that such brutal attacks had to be taken in order to cause extreme measures to awaken the eyes of God's people, let today be a day of reflection....For your life and the lives that were slain. If 10 yrs. ago, your day had come, where would your eternity be spent?

Never forget "9/11"

♥God bless♥


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