"No Sin" attainable?

This past Sunday, I attended my ACFYA (African Christian Fellowship Young Adult) meeting and the topic of discussion was "I smoke, I drank, Im supposed to stop but I cant!!!"....

Some of the questions discussed were

1. If we all continually sin, then are we really saved?...
a. How do you know if you're 'really' saved?

2. If we all continually sin, what's the point of trying 2 stop sinning? ...might as well let me live and do my thing...

3. Can I openly sin, but still be saved?
...cuz i don't plan on stopping some things I got going on right now....

4. And the question which led to the biggest debate, Is there a point that we can reach where we will NEVER sin?

So now it's time to share your thoughts, Is "no sin on Earth" attainable?

Support your answer with scripture!

God bless!



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