FIRESTORM 2010! Get ready......


“An epic gathering of Kingdom citizens in an atmosphere of worship and praise to empower the saints for global influence”

Firestorm 2010 is Godkulture's annual concert. It is a catalyst for change creating an atmosphere of radical worship and praise targeted at believers to bring about total and radical empowerment. Our response is not to create a mere counter culture. It is to create a greater culture challenging this generation to pursue God and raise the standard in their daily lives.

Highlights of FireStorm 2010: THE STORM IS HERE

SUMMIT OF KINGS – SOK is a business conference empowering the saints for global influence. The event starts at 7pm on Friday, November 12, 2010 and focuses on business women and men, working professionals and business owners. Speakers will speak on different topics including Kingdom Branding, Kingdom Financing, Business Development Strategies and Leadership.

THE STORM IS HERE – The Storm is a main stage concert featuring a diverse blend of worshippers, bands, dance groups and other artists in a compelling and radiant atmosphere of praise and worship. With a rich line up of artists and groups, the Storm will feature spoken word, music and strident acoustics, dance and glaring visual art exclaiming the awesomeness of God and celebrating His majesty.

WARRIOR ALLIANCE: RENEGADE FORCE – Warrior Alliance is a main stage dance drama about the church. The story blends artistic story narration with exciting acting and dance in a one hour run of dialogue, solos, army drills and special effects.

Objectives of FireStorm 2010
Through the event, we will:
*Raise a network of saints who will stand for Christ in these last days no matter what.

*Share our testimonies with others so they can open their hearts to experience God's unconditional love.

*Address issues that affect the church today.

*Help others discover and use their gifts and talents.

*Build stronger Christian homes and pray for our country.


Through the Summit of Kings conference, we seek to:

*Create an environment for people to learn and discuss entrepreneurship, business and the challenges they face

*Create educative and interactive sessions with an atmosphere of genuine trust where people will be free to ask questions, voice opinions and get direct answers to questions.

*Strengthen young, weak and struggling businesses of the church.

*Encourage those who are hurting from past failed businesses and poor choices.

*Show the path to Salvation through Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.

Make plans to be there, you cannot afford to miss it!
♥God bless♥



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