26 in 26days!!!!!!

YAY! My birthday's here....Well it will be in 26days! And I'll be turning the big 26! I'm already excited, can you tell?! Hehe!

Anywho, I don't really plan on having a celebration or doing anything too big, especially since my bday is a Sunday and I'd rather just chill and thank God for adding another year. But in the past, that hasn't been accepted since I somehow end up doing something, either by force or by force. But as for me, for now, I have absolutely nothing planned! And I'm loving it! It's somewhat stressful trying to make plans sometimes and I don't like being disappointed with "I'm busy's" or "oops, I forgot", so eh....there's always my 30th! 

HOWEVER!!!! I do have a birthday wish list, which I also seem to have every year so hopefully this year will be different. But more importantly than receiving gifts, I'd appreciate your well wishes and prayers. God has been faithful enough and materialistic gifts would just be icing on a cake that is already too sweet. 

So where's the list you ask?! :) Well....here ya go!

1. A Bible Concordance ( I have a specific name, I'll get back to you on it! )
Value Price: $35

2. An AMP Study Bible. I currently have the NKJV, KJV, NIV.
Value Price: $30

3. Alien Perfume by Thierry Mugler  (Not too fond of the name, but the smell is breathtaking)
Value Price: $75

4. Monetary contributions toward my Nikon camera/Live 4 Christ Clothing Line! (And yes,  I seriously have a link set up....)
Value Price: $3,000

5. Gift Cards: Suggestions! Target/Marshalls/Visa/Mastercard
Value Price: $25

6. An 18 pc OPI nail polish set by Sephora 
Value Price: $54

7.  Ipod
Value Price: $350

So that's all for my gift list! I would ask that you prayerfully consider my requests, hopefully the list isn't too bad ;). And although these items will add to the joyous day of another year, a simple Happy Birthday phone call is definitely more than enough, so no pressure!
Yours Truly with my favorite babygurl, the one whom God chose to bring me here!

Thanks in advance!

God bless you!


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