A NEW YEAR, a brand new start!

Yay! It's 2011!

Happy New Year to everyone!!!!!

Did some self reflection over the past year and I can truly say that I welcome this new year with open arms believing for even greater manifestations of God's favor. 2010 showed me more than I bargained for and I'm excited to see what this year will bring forth.

Many people have resolutions, but I have goals that I intend to meet this year, as some were met in 2010. Let the cycle continue. But in order to do that, I need to focus on ME FIRST! My caring heart has always allowed me to put others first, but in this year, it will be all about me, AFTER GOD OF COURSE :). No 'friend', 'career', 'family member' or anything/anyone else will stop me in this year....

My life will breathe the blessing....

So, as I declare this year, 2011: The Year of the Lord, I also say that in this year:

1. Excuses will be dismissed..... They're old, we've heard them all, broken records sound better....get over yourself, you're not that important if you have to remind yourself. 

2. The term "I'm busy" will not even be recognized....even God rested on the 7th day....
                       tell me what you're doing & why you're so busy.

3. Those that have considered others options will not even be considered a priority;
                -people truly make time for what they want to make time for... what a sad reality?!
                          (May God forgive every person that has neglected people who care about them)

4. I will shine greater than ever before....watch out for me, Beloved Osaruchi will be known!
5. The overflow will continue and the supernatural wealth transfer will flow into the hands of God's people....your eyes shall not fail you, you will be alive to see it.

Happy New Year once again! May this year bring you the closest embrace of success and may you find the true treasure you seek in the love of Jesus Christ.

God bless,



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