Who is Beloved Osaruchi?!

20 Random Facts..... in no particular order
Lemme know if any surprise you :)

1. I'm the 2nd of 5 girls.

2. I LOVE dogs, mainly pitbulls, but purse dogs are cute also......

3. Photography is my passion....don't believe me, see fb :)

4. I'm Au Naturale and a hair product junkie (kinda sad really, I'm working on it though, just as long as no new conditioners come out....)

5. Favorite food is rice, can't really mess it up right?!.

6. I eat yogurt w/ peanuts.

7. Favorite color is green.

8. Favorite show is L&O: SVU

9. Basketball is still my favorite sport even though the NBA has gotten a bit watered down since MJ left.

10. Some of mi ma's fav dishes: jollof rice, egusi soup, pot roast (yep, she's got soul).

11. Currently in cd player: Mixed Gospel cd.

12. Currently still reading: The Reason for God.

13. 6 piercings.

14. Sleeps with the fan on and the window open cause I'm always hottt.

15. Favorite drink: Snapple or Mystic's Strawberry Kiwi

16. I eat about 6x a day cause I never get full, yet I don't work out....problem anyone?

17. Favorite perfume at the moment- Burberry Weekend

18. CROCHET!!!!!!!!!!!! Ahh, I <3 U.

19. O yea, 100% NIGERIAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

20. And lastly.......... but really first,
Unapologetically Christian, Yep it's true, I'm in love w/ JESUS!

Be blessed,


Amanda O July 28, 2010 at 1:46 PM  

I feel you on the product junkie illness lol. When I first cut my hair I stayed in the beauty supply 24/7...Especially since there is one by my house that sells virtually all products and brands for natural hair. If I don't take care being natural will be more expensive then when I was permed and weaved up :/

BelovedOsaruchi July 29, 2010 at 11:28 AM  

Girl I'm always there....someone help me :)

And I'd be okay if conditioners didnt smell so nice, hehe.

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