Happy Birthday MOMMY!!!!!!!!!!!

So my boo's birthday was yesterday, NOT TODAY, but I didn't have any time to post yesterday so I just decided to do it today. [o yes, btw, my mom is my boo, my g, my twin, all that, so yea...clearing up confusion now :)]

Praise Jesus!
Another year added to my mommy's life and no one better deserving of more years than my baby boo! She's the strongest woman I know and I only aim to be as strong of a woman and mother [when that day shall come]!

So for her birthday, we took her to a Chinese Buffet [her choice], but she enjoyed it and it's what she wanted so yippeeee....
But her day was yesterday, so back to the norm, no more special treatment for her today..... ok ok ok ok fine.....We still love her!

So uh...yea, I'm not sure what happened but halfway through the meals, I stopped taking pics, cause I actually had 3 plates....hmph, o well, fun times! See ya next year mommy! More celebrations to come..... =)

Side note:
Haven't posted any hair pics in a while....so here's a few of my low ponytail puff and some make-up shots for Courtney....Enjoy!

Be blessed

So.....what's been happening?

Yea so it's been a while, but I haven't had the urge to write anything yet...so I'll just do some quick updates:


Listening to- The Blessing: In the workplace (Pastor Mayowa Ijisesan)
Reading- The Book of Acts, The Millionaire Next Door
Writing- Next article for Kingsword's Publication Dept.
Loving- MY NATURAL HAIR!!!!!!!
Crocheting- Hair flower accessories, Scarfs, Neck Cowls, baby blankets, more to come.....

Yep, that's all for now!

Be blessed.....


"I'm A Natural Chica" Tote Bag ON SALE

Hey peops, Happy Hump-Day! Do me a favor will ya, support my chica, Mae, by going to her website and ordering your "I'm A Natural Chica" Tote.

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****Support her ladies.....and gents you can buy one for your ladies =)***

Be blessed

Ripple me waves!

YAY! So I started this baby blanket about two weeks ago and I'm finally finished =). Would have been done sooner but I had stopped working on it for a couple of days.... Anywhoo, I just have to weave in the ends and edge it up and it's ready for Saturday's baby shower. Hope you enjoy the colors.... [O yea, if you couldn't tell, the baby is going to be a girl]. She'll be here in March!

Be blessed

P4CM! Check them out!

Check out these videos and keep the movement going!

Be blessed

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