Oil Rinse

Hair Update:

So....last night around 10p or so, I decided to do an oil rinse....

Here's a link explaining what an oil rinse is....

I did the shortened version so I just soaked my hair in olive oil, [normally would use EVOO but just wanted to see if there was such a big difference] then twisted it up into about 6 big sections, wrapped two plastic bags around it ['cause I ran out of plastic caps] and put my bonnet on and went to sleep [new pre-poo treatment]. It's now 2:47p and I'm about to go rinse it out, shampoo/condition. I just found out about the treatment, but so far I love it....

No tangles, easy to comb, ridiculous amount og shine and my hair is super soft. Ahhh, ALL SMILES SO FAR. I'm just loving this.....I'll keep you posted on the results :-)

Below are some pics... don't judge the before look! Be happy with the pics, just look at that shine and that defintion. Woot woot!....

O yea...the conditioner I used was Hypo-Allergenic Fragrance Free Conditioner [gentle hydrating conditioner] by Naturelle. It's a generic brand that I picked up a while ago from Sally's, comes in a white bottle, if you're interested.



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